My Ferrari App

My Ferrari App

Client: Ferrari.                             Year:2020

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Pitch work for My Ferrari App redesign and innovation.

Feature innovation request based on post covid consumer behaviour shift toward usage of digital experiences across a moltitude of user journeys, leveraging prediction, IoT, autmation and life style experiences ecosystem.

Puma is introducing a collection of biodegradable sportswear, aptly named Design to Fade, as part of VDF's collaboration with Ventura Projects for the Milan Design Week. Developed with the support of biodesign specialists Streamateria and Living Colour, the collection features biodegradable clothing that is dyed using bacteria and can be manufactured on demand to reduce waste.

Hired by IXD Milan (spin off of MIT)


Creative Director - Freelance. 

Working along side with IXD Italy who hired me to define the vision and pitch definition for this Ferrari app rewamp and evolution. 


Deep Empathy

Deep Empathy

We challenge ourselves to create emotional connection with an individual person. We design for the ways people really live and think and act. The result is an experience that feels like it was created for one person, we design to embrace the things that make us human balancing rational and emotional mindset as a reflection to the context and the individual response to it.

Adaptive Intelligence

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An app can make people feel like they’re in control by keeping interactive elements familiar and predictable. The aim is to reduce the user effort defining automatization being data informed and so dynamic according to learned behaviours.

Embrace Personality

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We enable coherent journeys both within and outside familiar paths. We design for the individual and his own evolution and needs over time show them personally relevant ways to get value from your product. Charm them with unexpected moments to show them you thought of everything, just for them. Never underestimate the little thing

Exstension of the self

The Location 

When users look for support, help them find what they need easily. Know your users’ habits and equip them with tools that are flexible and ready-at-hand.

Guide them with thoughtful interactions and content so they can learn as they go, understand how to move forward, and acquire the necessary skills to succeed. 

Community centered membership

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Satisfying interpersonal dynamics, enlighten users to become experts. Use plain language that is appropriate for your target audience. Give them opportunities to level up knowledge share what they have learned. Users often trust advice from peers, so facilitate community learning and reward when possible.

Design Concept

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Presonalied homepage

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 Enabling voice control feature within the app, defining a brand digital signature moment and allowing communication between voice controls while in driving experience.

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A defined entry point to activate voice communication feature.

Like a talking with a concierge you will be presented to notifications, updates reminders of your Ferrari garage and overall world. 

At the Exibion end, POV when turing to the exit reveal an old polariod frame to take a picture of the whole discovere collection. Promoting sharaility on social network.

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The Home dashboard is the customized landing experience on the app.

The Page will display a dynamic aggregation of contents entry points according to priority, localization and user behaviour.

At the Exibion end, POV when turing to the exit reveal an old polariod frame to take a picture of the whole discovere collection. Promoting sharaility on social network.

My Garage

Access and control your Ferrari garage, getting informations about all of your Ferrari's status, maintenance, updates, to dos.

Connect your apps for in car maintenance, prediction and automations.

Manage your settings for all your Ferrari. 

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Live Events

Get reminders and access to exclusive Ferrari events.

Control camera views to switch between different sections and POV's of the event, meanwhile invite your guest and share your opinions with them.

Use the mosaic to get all in a glance.

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Empowering users to discover experiences connected to their - life style - from exclusive Ferrari events, to Ferrari partnenership, Leisure, Shopping and many more

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Innovation by Design:

Andrea Piccolo → Managing Director

Barbara Doganieri → Project Manager

Gianpaolo Tucci → Creative Director