About myself.

About myself.

I'm Gianpaolo and I design things.

Multidisciplinary designer with +13 years experience in product design, user experience, creative & art direction.

Ive been leading the digital cross platform's art direction of different international clients, among the many: Alfa Romeo, Barilla, Indesit group, Ducati, Gucci, Sony, Ermenegildo Zegna, Maserati, FIAT group, Nestle, Benetton, Allianz Bank.

Moving to corporates, working in leading design roles with track record of connected platform's products release for global markets:

/ At Nokia & HERE I've been shaping and releasing products, where I envisioned and designed new experiences on global scale, across several connected platforms.

/ At Google, I shaped and released the new Google Account.

Currently working as Freelancer Design Consultant for international firms like R/GA & AKQA

/ Meanwhile working as Leading Teacher for UX UI program at Ironhack Berlin

/ Meanwhile running my fashion label @Atelier_About



Clients list.


Clients list.

Corporates I worked for

Sorted by Recency

// eBay

// Google 

// Carl Zeiss 

// Native Instruments


// Nokia

// Atelier About


// Zalando



Agencies  I worked with

Sorted by Recency

// AKQA Berlin

// AKQA Amsterdam

// R/GA Berlin

// R/GA London

// IXD Innovation by design (MIT spinoff)

// We3.com Sponsored & Spinoff of IDEO

// LBi (today Digitas)


// Unicorns & Lions


Clients I worked with

Alphabetical Order

// Alfa Romeo

// Allianz Bank

// Ariston

// Banca Generali

// Bank of Kwait

// Barilla

// Benetton

// Ducati

// Emma

// FIAT group

// Fast Company

// Ferrari

// Google

// Gucci

// Indesit group

// Maserati

// Moncler

// Nestlé

// Nike

// OZ racing

// Scholtés

// Siemens

// Solvemate

// Sony

// Richie Hawtin

// Taxfix

// Unilever

// Vollebak