Alfa Romeo had the need to create a new experience for the launch of the new Alfa Giulietta car, providing the "WOW effect" in costumers, reinforcing brand loyality and engaging new potential clients. Combining the 2 workds of MITO & Giulietta.



We envisioned and phisically developed 220 Totems - Interactive Kiosks - to be placed in all Alfa Romeo show rooms in the whole Italian territory. Defining a new immersive experience to customize your own car before the launch and pre-order it, as well as discover all the new features..

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I worked Art Director & Interaction designer, defining and delivering the whole experience. Partnering with 3d motion designer and developers. The whole navigation interactions are based on Knob limitations (rotate & press) and made possible with the usage of Arduino. 

Client Alfa Romeo

Year 2008

Platform Interactive kiosk

Landing Experience

User can choose if they want to enter the Alfa Mito or Alfa Giulietta world to start the discovery and related configuration



Interact with the knob

The interface metaphor takes inspiration by the circular shape of the knob creating a bridge visual experience, providing intuition to how to navigate and interact with it.


Giulietta Car Configurator

In the design, the car is positioned as a master piece being placed on a circular glass base.  Rotating the knob the submenu of the configurator becomes accessible, to start the car personalization.


Giulietta Discovery

The dicovery section provides all information about the car new features, using images and video.


Kiosk Details